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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall Bulletin Boards 2017

I haven't done bulletin boards for 8 years. What's odd was that the bulletin boards I had to make were in preschool. This was so Greek to me because I used to teach 4th graders for twelve years. Good thing there were bloggers who took time to share and post them on the internet; and so, I had the chance to browse and choose from the different ideas on fall bulletin boards for preschools.

#fall2017 #fallbulletinboards For the theme "FALL in love with Learning" I use construction paper in the color orange, green, yellow, orange, and brown for the leaves and pumpkins. The tree branch was made of tissue paper and I use felt paper for the letter cutouts. I bought the scarecrow at Dollar Tree.

#starstudent #bulletinboardideas I got this idea from Bulletin Board Ideas Blogspot. Use all construction papers for all the cutouts in this bulletin board. The traced hands were from my preschoolers and from my granddaughter.

#circletime #morningmeeting I still have to finish my morning circle board. This is what I have for now. The materials I use here were all bought from Target.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pano Ba? | Written and Music By: Jean Pierre Martinez

Howdy friends ;) Gotta share my son's own composition. Please support and share. Hoping a recording studio in the Philippines will notice this and give him a chance. Thank you and enjoy listening.