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Friday, January 27, 2012

Show your Support for Walgreens

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


I have not been counting but I have noticed that many times I was in Walgreens having things done I saved a lot of money and learned more than I know. Like one time not too long ago, I needed picture develop off a memory card. I have always paid a lot to have someone do it for me but I decided to try it myself but as I sat down the clerk noticed that I was lost so she came over to help me out and made it clear and sat with me till I could do it by myself.  When I was done she handed me 100 photos, I figured it would cost a lot but it was lowest price I have seen. I have always believed that when people help me I should return the favor. Now is the chance to show support back to Walgreens.

I do feel bad about hearing that Walgreens is no longer part of Express Scripts’ pharmacy provider network. Yet, Walgreens consistently do good business so to minimize any disruption; Walgreens launched a special discount on annual membership called Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens  Family membership is only 10$ a year, this includes a spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets and $5 for individual membership. Members could save more than $8,000 brand name and all generic medications. Likewise,  discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers, diabetic supplies and bonuses from buying Walgreens brand products for photo services and more can be benefited be a member.

Help support Walgreens to provide customers like me and you with a more convenient and cost effective way of availing pharmacy services by following Walgreens on Twitter and visit Walgreens on Facebook.



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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Want Coffee...

To cute not to share . . . .

This pretty much sums it up.

An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand and pulling a malebuffalowith the other. He says to the waiter:

"Want coffee."

The waiter says, "Sure Chief. Coming right up."

He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee.....

The Indian drinks the coffee down in one gulp, turns and blasts the buffalo with the shotgun, causing parts of the animal to splatter everywhere and then just walks out.

The next morning the Indian returns.
He has his shotgun in one hand, pulling
another male buffalo with the other.
He walks up to the counter and says to
the waiter:

"Want coffee."

The waiter says, "Whoa, Tonto!

We're still cleaning up your mess from yesterday. What was all that about, anyway?"

The Indian smiles and proudly says,

"Training for position in United States Congress.
Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull, leave mess for others to clean up,
Disappear for rest of day."


Friday, January 13, 2012

Leaving the Nest

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

When your children grow up you are kind of excited about the fact that they have graduated from college and are ready to move on to the next stage of their lives. It is hard for a parent to see all that happen, but it also makes you proud at what all they have accomplished. Well my twin daughters graduated from college and both have very promising jobs and careers ahead of them. Neither one of them is ready to settle down and get married, but they did decide to buy a small house together in Connecticut so at least they wouldn’t be throwing their money away on rent. I was really nervous at first because I was hoping for maybe a gated apartment community that would make me feel like they were safe. But they insisted they had found exactly what they wanted in this little house in an urban area near downtown. After much debate I convinced them to get a security system through home security systems Connecticut. At least now I won’t worry as much about them. They believe this, but you never stop worrying about your kids no matter what.