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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let the Love Begin

( from one of my articles in our school organ D’Eytrian, to remind my kids and my students especially those who are in my facebook )
Love may come in different angles, colors, and packages, but their common denominator is the feeling of happiness that brings out the natural high. The mere sight of your love turns the world upside down. For some, love may cause them to be forgetful. Like for instance, when a certain a guy approaches a gal and ask for something, a girl can’t say anything but ah.. umh..err. They become tongue-tied.
Falling in love is part of growing up. Nobody is exempt. Yet being in love does not always make anyone joyful. There are times when one has to go heartaches and pain. In this cyber age, the phasing is so fast. With the new communication devices, one got an instant boyfriend or girlfriend at one click of the fingertip. Do not be in a hurry. Yah, It’s true that we all need to be loved and accepted. We are longing for someone who gives us tenderness, but I want you to know that romantic love can wait. The right person will come along at the right time.
For the meantime, consider the following important persons in your life that can let your Love begin: First is God, He should be first in your list. God loves us so much that He suffered the most painful death. We have the assurance of His Love no matter who we are. The second person is YOU. Yes. Is that a surprise? Not that I’m telling you to be conceited or to be lovers of self, but it is because loving oneself springs out self-respect. It will be easier for you to say NO to temptation. The third is your FAMILY. Your parents only want the best for you. So, better spare them from unnecessary pain by making your study a priority.
It’s not a really a good idea to get involved in a love relationship at an early age. Focus your mind and attention to God, yourself and your family. There is always time for everything including romantic love. For now, enjoy your teenage years. One day, when you grow old you’ll meet someone God prepares for you and I’m sure that person is the best.

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

God’s Perfect Touch.

Using my enV 2 cellphone, I was able to take this picture along the coast of Gayden Road, Morganza Louisiana.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

From My Photo Collection

“God’s looking from up above”, this was the first thought that came to my mind when I took this picture using my enV2 cell phone. That beautiful scenery gave me a relief after putting in a hard day at work. I can’t help but marvel on how awesome God speaks to us in any form. As the heaven declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands, Psalm 19:1

Friday, May 28, 2010

Read and Pass the WORD

This portion of my blog features selected daily devotional reflection I've read from different sources.

A Little Give and Take

Ro 12:10 - Giving preference to one another

Before discussing what healthy compromise is, let's be clear about what it's NOT. It's not giving up what you believe, or who you are, or accepting second best because you're impatient or afraid of criticism. Healthy compromise is about learning to negotiate a win win for both sides. It's tempting to dismiss somebody as being wrong, and see only our own vewpoint. That's when it's crucial to relinquish your pride, step outside of the role you're playing, try to become the other person and ask yourself, " Can I see their point of view?" Can I appreciate why they might feel as they do? Can I help them to better understand where I'm coming from?" The stronger we are in personality and views, the more we risk alienating the very people we need by being inflexible and unwilling to hear them out.

Here are two Scriptures we need to think about when we're hard-headed.

1. "Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another" Ro 12:10

2. "Be at peace among yourselves...comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all...always pursue what is good for yourselves and for all" 1Th 5:13-15 Amazing, isn't it? All you need is alittle give-and-take.

Trying to reach someone for Christ? Send them a copy of this devotional
Source: The Word For You Today by Living Faith Christian Center

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Yardsale Buy Experience

Even when I was in the Philippines, sales and discounts were the words that I do really love when it comes to shopping, and I do love those words up to now;). Well, for a person like me who is receiving income just to meet ends would surely not miss the top visiting stores in Manila like “Ukay-Ukay” and the mushrooming sidewalk Stores in Divisoria, Quiapo and Baclaran. Now, I’m in a different country, Sales and Discounts would mean Thrift Store, Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Moving Up Sale, Rummage Sale and Estate Sale. Honestly, I am starting to enjoy my shopping get-away here.

For my first garage saling, we went to three places that were advertised online. A friend reacted on the way I make deal because I would always ask to lower the price, which is half of the original price. But I still get the deal that I want for the item of my choice. So, hereunder are some of the items I bought for my first yardsale buying spree.

Time Out

What a stressful day!!! I have been absorbing negative forces from people around me. Pressures are starting to bug me and making me emotionally imbalance, waaahh. But just like any movies, somebody would always be there to save your day. A friend invited me to go out. We went to a nearby bar. Oooppss..not that I will get drunk but will do something different.
I only had a bottle of light beer while playing Keno. Not winning for 6 draws I have to stop and my friend challenged me to play pool. The last time I played pool was in College, nowadays, I only play pool online and I am winning,lol..So having that confidence I accepted the challenge.

We had three games and I didn’t win. Guess, this is not just my lucky day at all. well, even I didn’t win in playing Keno and pool, staying at the bar helped a little to vent some pressures in me. Most probably, I would have to add playing pool in my weekly activities. Wish me luck next time.;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weight Loss, ‘Can’t Wait: The Journey

This is a quick post just to show the extra baggage I have.
It's not that I'm proud of having extra baggage but because I feel that this will serve as my moving force of pursuing on my journey to lose weight.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Classroom Management

Honestly, as a classroom teacher for 13 years now, I am still struggling in managing the behavior of my students most especially here in the US. On the record, personal experience and research indicate that many teachers ( especially the beginners ) have difficulty effectively managing their classrooms. While there is no one best solution for every problem or classroom setting, I thought of sharing some of the things that good classroom teachers do to maintain an atmosphere that enhances learning.
Be firm and consistent in knowing what you want and what you don't want. Be a model by showing and telling your students what you want. When you get what you want, acknowledge (not praise) it. Yet, when you get something else, act quickly and appropriately.

Practice manipulating the students in a creative and positive way. Most importantly maintain your “common sense”, nobody likes a super serious and quiet classroom;)

Weight Loss, ‘Can’t Wait: The Journey

This isn’t happening to me. I am outgrowing my clothes and when I checked my weight I gained 20lbs just for my one and a half year stay here in the US. Hmmmm.. one big reason could be is because I eat fast (I swear I can’t help it). Even if I’m not hungry, I want to shovel everything into my mouth in less than a minute, while in front of the laptop watching Filipino movies and making lessons. But my brain doesn’t know that my stomach is full until twenty minutes after it actually is. As such, I could stuff myself silly before realizing I didn’t need to consume as much as I did. I must do something on how to lose weight. My ideal weight has always been 120-125lbs. I must set up a plan to start reaching my goal. So, let me share how did I start this journey of losing weight.

My first attempt of losing weight was just a month ago. I tried eating half of what’s on my plate, wait ten minutes, then continue to eat if I’m still hungry. I never want to feel full – ever. That’s when I know I’ve eaten too much. Then, I bought a slimming tea from a Chinese Store and an Extreme Fit Game for half a price (I found it at craigslist). I did aerobics and yoga at home each week. But I felt that it’s not helping at all so I added another routine. Walk the Walk. We all know that we burn calories when we walk so for two days now I have to stop at the mall and just walk for two to three hours before going home, at least with matching window…

Well, have to stop here first and will give you updates next month…..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pacman in my Google Browser

I was a little surprised when I saw pacman game in my google browser. Yet get excited and I've been trying clicking it thinking I could play on it. This game is kinda cute because Pacman have to get all the pellets by going through a maze and if the ghost gets too close, Pacman have to eat a power pellet so he can eat the ghost. Just like our journey in life, be a Pacman, let prayers serve to be our power pellet and be armed in fighting the ghosts or fear within us.

Friday, May 21, 2010


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Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Roll in Spring Time

My bestfriend’s birthday is coming up. So, I thought of making spring rolls. I have to choose what vegetables I have to use because most of his family members don’t eat vegetables. So I prefered to use cabbage and carrots; they like these two vegetables,(at least) and ground beef. Guess what? A day before my bestfriend’s birthday I made 25 pieces as a trial and guess what? His Granny was able to eat almost half of it. Everybody has surely like the spring roll I made with a sweet and sour sauce for dip. Hearing a comment such as “ohm…If you didn’t cook that dish, I don’t know if I can be able to eat a food like for the rest of my life”, sound like bells to my ears. If they ever like it, especially the one who made that comment, (he doesn’t eat vegetables) I am sure visitors would like my spring roll. Do you know how many did I make? Well, a hundred pieces and it's like a blockbuster movie that day. At the end of the day, the family decided to include my spring roll for family tradition dish, just like the cottage cheese that they always have.

KUSINA Ko -Daisy’s Cuisine

I came here in Michigan on February 16 to venture for new adventure. As always, anywhere I go I would still look for Filipino food to eat. There's is one family who is so generous to let me stay at their house. Well, obviously I would say that bread, pizzas, mac n chiz, potatoes in different varieties: mashed, fries, baked, etc. are the common meal that they are having. I have a bestfriend here whom is so nice that would always bring me to Chinese restaurants during his rest days. A Week passed I thought I will survive not having Filipino foods. Waaaahh, I am craving for Filipino foods. Eating at a Chinese restaurant could ease the craving but still my taste bud is crying for Filipino dishes. So, this craving must END. I asked my bestfriend to drive to the fruit/vegetable market and grocery stores and buy the ingredients I needed for each menu that I have in my mind. The very first meal I cooked is vegetable stir fry, with a little help from Mama Sita’s ready mix seasoning, my stir fry veggies became a success, yipee!!! The next day, I fixed sweet and sour pork, I had to have the pork breaded with Italian bread crumbs before I fry it and mix in the sweet and sour mixture I made, of course, I love vegetable, so, I put carrots in it. My bestfriend's family and him really loves that and the next day he went to work he started bragging to his coworker that I AM AN EXCELLENT COOK, whew!!! So, that started my cooking career,hahahaha