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Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Blogs and Internet Social Marketing seem to be two of the biggest words I always heard when I came here to the USA. The idea became so well-defined when I got the chance to talk to my friend over the phone. My friend explained what the Blogs and Internet Social Marketing all about is. Through our conversations, she was able to convince me to start writing. I browsed the web site and went through with her web log. From then, I was able to have an idea on how to start with my web log. My friend also introduced me on how to get sponsors which is the best deal in web log. Yet starting by myself was not that easy so I went to her house in order to learn more. She was so kind to offering me a free tutorial lesson. She mentioned to me a website called SocialSpark and helped me on registering. From the name itself, I know that the website will surely heighten a sparks on my web log and networking. I visited their site right away and learned more about it. I found out that it was easy to join their site. The first thing I did was to Sign up for SocialSpark Then I read and studied theirCode of Ethics . For those who want to earn extra bucks while at home try to surf Social Spark website.

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  1. Hello Daisy,

    I joined social sparks, I think almost a year ago but sad to say they did not approve my blogs. I already know why because my grammar is not as good as you and most of the bloggers. But sometimes I was wondering why if that's always the case because I've known a couple of bloggers that their grammar is not that good either but their blogs are being approved. Well, it doesn't matter to me now because I am earning a bit in some sites. Thanks for sharing this one and for visiting my blog. Hope to know you better...

  2. Hi Analou,
    yap. I joined social sparks but the approval is still pending cuz the site require me to have at least 20posts in 90days. I am new in blogging and now yet earning. I beg to disagree when you mentioned thatmy grammar is good, (trying hard ako sistah). You are lucky cuz you are earning from other sites, wish I could also;)