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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Have a Good Day!

I finished my first plate and put it on the side and after a couple of minutes a waitress approached our table and placed the receipt tray with fortune cookies, she smiled and said “Have a Good Day!” and left. 

 “What!!?!!? “ I uttered and start laughing out loud.  I just seated for about 20mins and this waitress thought I am already done. Let me tell you what happened.

After listening to one of Bo Sanchez’ talk series The Biggest Winner I started having fruits as my breakfast and I am pretty much doing a good job following that routine.  I had my doctor’s follow up appointment today and finished almost at lunchtime. So, we head down to Hibachi buffet restaurant and I told to myself that I will start with fruits and will rest for 30 minutes before I take the main meal. When it comes to dishes I am not really fond of eating meats, I would only go more on veggies, fish, and seafood.

We got our seat and walked to the food aisle to get the first plate. As I was saying a while ago, I chose fruits for my first plate. I did enjoy every bite of the fruits I had and after that I placed my plate on the side. Well you know how it works in a buffet, right?  I don’t know what got into this waitress, probably thinking that I already had fruits, she thought that I am finished eating and had the dessert.  She approached our table and placed the receipt tray with fortune cookies and said “Have a good day.” I started laughing out loud and uttered with a surprised “What?!? I just had my first plate and that’s only fruits.” I do not know if she understands why we started laughing but I am hoping she got the message when I walk to the food aisle again and go for my main dish. 

Sounds funny, isn’t it? Normally, we eat fruits after eating our meal; it is usually serve as dessert.  I have been told that fruits should be eaten with empty stomach. Fruits digest faster. Compare to bread or meat, a slice of fruit digest quickly and is ready to go straight to the stomach and into the intestines. It is said that if you eat fruits and bread or with any meal together only produce gas.

Fruits digest quickly are blocked by bread or other meal that is taking longer to digest. The meal ferments and turns into acid. Thus, when the fruits come in contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, it just makes the entire mass of food to spoil. That is why it is best to have fruits for breakfast.  If a fruit is to be eaten like this, it will help to detoxify our body system and will supply us with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities.

Friends, frutify your breakfast!