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Sunday, June 27, 2010

ME-Itis Syndrome a.k.a AKO-logy Syndrome

Read and Pass the WORD
Let me share with you another inspiring message from “The Word for You Today”. Although the date was Jan 27, 2010, I just find it is interesting to post. Yet I am giving the credit to Bishop Johnson of Living Faith Christian Center. The message reflects on Psalms 139:23 that says “Look…into my heart” and starts on Dr. David Jeremiah's discussion on how a person get sick and which physical symptoms would show which he called the Me-virus. I also have other term for this, which is AKO-logy. According to him, this virus has different warning signs: MIRRORITIS – being fascinated or obsessed with one's own appearance. MONEYITIS-tightfistedness, equating your self-worth with your net worth and overspending personal wants. MICROMANAGEITIS- insisting on doing things your way, MAJESTYLITIS – an exaggerated opinion of your importance and a sense of entitlement, MAKEOVERITIS- the drive to one-up everybody else.

The Me-itis syndrome or Ako-logy calls for: (1) Strengthening your spiritual immune system with Scripture: His great and precious promises…enable you to…escape…corruption” (2Pe 1:4). (2) Prayer: “Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done and His peace will guard your hearts (Php 4:6-7). (3) A clear conscience: “I confessed my forgave me and took away my guilt” (Ps 32:5). (4) Fellowship: “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…exhorting one another (Heb 10:25) (5) Service” “Each of you has received a gift…to serve others…that in everything God will be praised” (1Pe 4:10-11). (6) Relationships: “Pick your friends carefully, and avoid “me-it is carriers. (7) Giving: “A generous man will prosper, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed (Pr 11:25)

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

I always love watching the rising and setting of the sun. It brings a sense of peace and relaxation for me. So whenever and wherever I see one I cannot help it but take a picture of it. These pictures were taken on our way to Bistro Bayou, a restaurant in Baker Parish, Louisiana. We went there to celebrate our manager's natal day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Smiley Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

Hmmmm…just thought of sharing a dessert I am munching for the past few days. This is so easy and to prepare. All you need is three cups of sliced fresh strawberries, no calorie sweetener (white granulated sugar would do if no calorie sweetener available at hand), fat-free frozen whipped cream for topping and two shortcakes. Stir together strawberries and no calorie sweetener, top with whipped cream and place the two shortcakes on top as shown in the picture.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thought I lost 3 lbs…

“Oh yes, I lost three lbs.!” I told my friend D when we were talking over the phone. However, guess what? It was a false alarm. I was just starving that time. Therefore, I tried to find out my weight again after having my dinner, and that was it, still the same weight 145 pounds. (blushing). Actually, I am having hard time in losing my weight. I cannot even do the No Meal after Six because of our eating habits at home. Just like when the housemates would agree to grill spare ribs for dinner, and this happens every week. Most of the times, when we grill spare ribs we usually finished at 7pm or 8 pm. So, while grilling I keep on mumbling that I will not eat, or I will just have crackers. However, the food temptation was so strong. The smell of the barbecue sauce was so inviting and the mouth-watering look of the grilled pork spare ribs was so tempting. It made me grabbed a plate and joined the housemates. I don’t have a choice, anyway (alibi, lol)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooking Out with Jacky

For this week, I have been in my friend’s apartment three days in a row. Aside from lots of chitchats we did, she cooked pinoy dish that we missed so much. According to her, she hasn’t had this dish for three years now.

First day: Sinigang na Bangus Madness If one will check the amount that she prepared, it would be good for four persons. Would you believe that we had the sauce pan bottoms up? Whew! That's how we must be missing sinigang so much especially when it comes with Bangus (milkfish), the Philippines' National Fish, bow! We are not even content having sinigang in our meal, she also fried two slices of Bangus and have soy sauce as dip.

Second day: Pinakbetlicious
Did I mention that the sinigang we had the other day is good for four persons? Well, the second dish, which is pinakbet, is good for eight persons, lol. We left half of it because we are a little concern of our figure, (naks naman). However, on the third day we have it for our dinner once again, and just like the cliché “love is sweeter the second time around", hmmm, pinakbet is yummylicious the time you reheat it.
How about you guys, what have you been cooking out with friends or with family?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making a Small Effort

“I’ll do it later”, I still have time...”, “I don’t feel like doing...” these were some of my favorite lines before. I remember those times when I kept hanging things until the last second. There were things that I have to do but I just piled them up, and before I knew it, a whole lot of things were waiting for my attention. How did I overcome this attitude? I am not saying I did overcome this 100% but almost halfway, hahaha. Let me share with you how I did it. I started to make an effort to do little things on a daily basis. I had to stick a note on my computer to remind of the things that I have to do for each day, be it personal, household chores, and paper works like checking and recording my students’ activity worksheets/formative& quarterly tests,, whew! I had to get things done right away. Sometimes when I am so tired, I tried to work everyday so to ensure that I don’t have lot of things to do at weekends. Making an effort, no matter how small like “things to do list” helps in cutting short the superwoman effort that I might need later.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Filipino Dish Share for Memorial Day

Housemates have been asking me what Filipino dish I have in mind for Memorial Day dinner. So I thought of making quick family meal. I checked what’s inside the refrigerator and I saw chicken, potatoes, green and red bell peppers. With these ingredients and an 8 oz of tomato sauce, I was able to cook sumptulicious chicken afritada for dinner.
For the complete recipe of my chicken afritada, feel free to click on the link