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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thought I lost 3 lbs…

“Oh yes, I lost three lbs.!” I told my friend D when we were talking over the phone. However, guess what? It was a false alarm. I was just starving that time. Therefore, I tried to find out my weight again after having my dinner, and that was it, still the same weight 145 pounds. (blushing). Actually, I am having hard time in losing my weight. I cannot even do the No Meal after Six because of our eating habits at home. Just like when the housemates would agree to grill spare ribs for dinner, and this happens every week. Most of the times, when we grill spare ribs we usually finished at 7pm or 8 pm. So, while grilling I keep on mumbling that I will not eat, or I will just have crackers. However, the food temptation was so strong. The smell of the barbecue sauce was so inviting and the mouth-watering look of the grilled pork spare ribs was so tempting. It made me grabbed a plate and joined the housemates. I don’t have a choice, anyway (alibi, lol)

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