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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooking Out with Jacky

For this week, I have been in my friend’s apartment three days in a row. Aside from lots of chitchats we did, she cooked pinoy dish that we missed so much. According to her, she hasn’t had this dish for three years now.

First day: Sinigang na Bangus Madness If one will check the amount that she prepared, it would be good for four persons. Would you believe that we had the sauce pan bottoms up? Whew! That's how we must be missing sinigang so much especially when it comes with Bangus (milkfish), the Philippines' National Fish, bow! We are not even content having sinigang in our meal, she also fried two slices of Bangus and have soy sauce as dip.

Second day: Pinakbetlicious
Did I mention that the sinigang we had the other day is good for four persons? Well, the second dish, which is pinakbet, is good for eight persons, lol. We left half of it because we are a little concern of our figure, (naks naman). However, on the third day we have it for our dinner once again, and just like the cliché “love is sweeter the second time around", hmmm, pinakbet is yummylicious the time you reheat it.
How about you guys, what have you been cooking out with friends or with family?


  1. thanks sis for this one... I just made my tinolang chicken.. Later I will share it with you.. I save some for you LOL

  2. Awesome stuff, make sure you got some bling bling in this one