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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making a Small Effort

“I’ll do it later”, I still have time...”, “I don’t feel like doing...” these were some of my favorite lines before. I remember those times when I kept hanging things until the last second. There were things that I have to do but I just piled them up, and before I knew it, a whole lot of things were waiting for my attention. How did I overcome this attitude? I am not saying I did overcome this 100% but almost halfway, hahaha. Let me share with you how I did it. I started to make an effort to do little things on a daily basis. I had to stick a note on my computer to remind of the things that I have to do for each day, be it personal, household chores, and paper works like checking and recording my students’ activity worksheets/formative& quarterly tests,, whew! I had to get things done right away. Sometimes when I am so tired, I tried to work everyday so to ensure that I don’t have lot of things to do at weekends. Making an effort, no matter how small like “things to do list” helps in cutting short the superwoman effort that I might need later.

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  1. I am like that too my friend and it got worse when I got addicted to blogging. Thank God I have a husband that is willing to do things that I just set aside to do or forgotten. I should do something about it....