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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let the Love Begin

( from one of my articles in our school organ D’Eytrian, to remind my kids and my students especially those who are in my facebook )
Love may come in different angles, colors, and packages, but their common denominator is the feeling of happiness that brings out the natural high. The mere sight of your love turns the world upside down. For some, love may cause them to be forgetful. Like for instance, when a certain a guy approaches a gal and ask for something, a girl can’t say anything but ah.. umh..err. They become tongue-tied.
Falling in love is part of growing up. Nobody is exempt. Yet being in love does not always make anyone joyful. There are times when one has to go heartaches and pain. In this cyber age, the phasing is so fast. With the new communication devices, one got an instant boyfriend or girlfriend at one click of the fingertip. Do not be in a hurry. Yah, It’s true that we all need to be loved and accepted. We are longing for someone who gives us tenderness, but I want you to know that romantic love can wait. The right person will come along at the right time.
For the meantime, consider the following important persons in your life that can let your Love begin: First is God, He should be first in your list. God loves us so much that He suffered the most painful death. We have the assurance of His Love no matter who we are. The second person is YOU. Yes. Is that a surprise? Not that I’m telling you to be conceited or to be lovers of self, but it is because loving oneself springs out self-respect. It will be easier for you to say NO to temptation. The third is your FAMILY. Your parents only want the best for you. So, better spare them from unnecessary pain by making your study a priority.
It’s not a really a good idea to get involved in a love relationship at an early age. Focus your mind and attention to God, yourself and your family. There is always time for everything including romantic love. For now, enjoy your teenage years. One day, when you grow old you’ll meet someone God prepares for you and I’m sure that person is the best.

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  1. It is nice to be loved and being in love. I found my better half because of our technology and I am very happy and thankful that God uses this instrument so that I can find the perfect man for me.

    Happy memorial day my friend and thanks for always visiting in my blog.