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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Yardsale Buy Experience

Even when I was in the Philippines, sales and discounts were the words that I do really love when it comes to shopping, and I do love those words up to now;). Well, for a person like me who is receiving income just to meet ends would surely not miss the top visiting stores in Manila like “Ukay-Ukay” and the mushrooming sidewalk Stores in Divisoria, Quiapo and Baclaran. Now, I’m in a different country, Sales and Discounts would mean Thrift Store, Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Moving Up Sale, Rummage Sale and Estate Sale. Honestly, I am starting to enjoy my shopping get-away here.

For my first garage saling, we went to three places that were advertised online. A friend reacted on the way I make deal because I would always ask to lower the price, which is half of the original price. But I still get the deal that I want for the item of my choice. So, hereunder are some of the items I bought for my first yardsale buying spree.

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  1. I love garage sale too. Some people who loves buying branded and new clothes may think bad things about it but I love discount and deals. We're on the same boat my friend. Enjoy your day.