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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Enjoy Life

Many of us would do different things and various ways to be happy. Some would go to different places to make their self-good. Some would go to the mall and buy things that would make them happy. Some would watch comedy shows. Some would call and talk to a friend. Some would just lift their heads and look to the blue skies. Some would play music they like.

What would really make us enjoy life? Well, we just have to enjoy the people around us. Why? Because whatever we have, whatever we possessed if we do not learn to appreciate or enjoy the people around us, all our happiness is superficial. We have to face the fact that people surround us. We are living in the midst of people. One concrete scenario is the workplace. There are times that we do not enjoy working. One reason is that we do not enjoy the people we are working with.

Lately, I have been impinging on with my work associate. She is a nice woman but lately I observed that she could easily be aggravated. Her fuse is too short. I understand that some of our co-workers are sometimes difficult to deal with. Not only because of the age gap but also because of each of us has different culture. The attitude she have is a little virus that slowly infecting me. I started to think like her also and started not to like some of the co-workers that she does not like, as if I am trying to sympathize with her. However, deep inside me, I know this is not me. I should not feel the way in which she feels. I do not want to be too proud. I do not want to criticize my co-worker every minute. I have to correct this attitude right away. I do not like always wear a puckering eyebrow at work.

Instead of feeling how she feels. I talked to her and advised her to be more patient. I told her to start looking on their good qualities. Stop focusing on their ways that irritates her. Seize on looking on their bad qualities and trying to correct them. It’s not healthy emotionally and mentally to keep on passing judgment on them. Learn and love to enjoy them. Not all of us are perfect. I told her, we do not know they might not like us also. Nevertheless, love always begets love, appreciate always begets appreciate and so respect begets respect. Enjoy the whole package. Start enjoying people and we will enjoy life.

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  1. So nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog and following it. I am following your blog too. I hope that you will visit again soon.
    This is wonderful advice. I hope more people will follow it.
    Blessings, Catherine