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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Repost:Yume no Kitsune YouTube Cover Artists Series -

Hi everyone. 'saw my brother working on a series of blogs right now, and I felt the urge to re-blog them here. 'thought you'd find them interesting, as I did...

Presenting Delusionaal
           And so I'm back for my second feature of my favorite Youtube cover artists. If you'd like to check out my previous article, click here: Sings "Closer" by Kim Tae-yeon on Yume No Kitsune          

       Youtube username, Delusionaal, caught my attention, first, because she's sooo cute, and also because she does wonderful covers. You'll find her video posted on this blog if you just read on. 
       I originally plan to release this next Sunday (11Nov2012) because I can only work on my remake of her cover on a weekend, but as of the writing of this article, she's currently in need of 30 more subscribers to hit 400 subs before she goes on a hiatus. So I'll publish it now even without my remake (I'll just update it this weekend), and  if you're reading this, go visit her channel very quick by clicking this: -Cute YT Cover Artist-, hit "subscribe" even if she's already got more than 400 subs by the time you get there, and then listen to her covers as you continue to read this write up.
          Delusionaal is making the most out of her stay in YT, since as I've said, she'll be taking a break from making covers (find out why by reading on). So let's all cherish this moment, and get to know her a little more.
             Channel Name: Vivian's Off YT!~ (Not permanent) aka Delusionaal

How are you? What was your first take on this invitation?
-Haha I'm fine :) My first take? I was shocked I guess haha 'cause I've never done anything like this before!

Can you tell us your real name, or at least tell us how your friends call you? And where are you from?-My real name is Vivian Yu, my friends call me Vivi but I have other nicknames made by my precious friends that I would rather keep secret (: I'm from Indonesia, but I'm Chinese

What academic level are you in now? (HS, College?)-I'm still in High School, (15 years old?) and going to College soon!

What else do you do when not working on song covers? Any other hobby or hobbies you'd like to share with us?-I study haha and I dance. I guess that's it. And chatting with my friends of course!

Did you realize that you're quite popular now in the world of song covers? How does it feel?
-Mmm I don't really think I'm popular x) I feel honoured and loved and I'll definitely miss covering songs when I leave Youtube at the end of December 2012.

Leave YT? Why? Your fans will miss you (first of that would be me T_T)...-I'm focusing on my studies now haha. I really hope my time away from Youtube would let me improve my studies since I'm aiming for Yale! I had a vlog of it but I privated it now.

How many subscribers and views do you have so far?-They vary everyday, but as I'm sending this I have 367 subscribers and 56,936 views.

When did you start doing covers, and what was your first work?-I started just about a year ago, and my first cover was Shinee's Graze which I did because someone requested it :p

When did you start singing?-4 years old.

Who are your favorite singers, and what genre of music do you prefer?-Taylor Swift and Taeyeon from SNSD, I like ballad a lot 'cause my voice is more to the soft and smooth section but I like listening to Pop too!

What makes a delusionaal cover unique among all other covers?-I like to twist the songs and not sing exactly like how the artist sings, and I guess another one is that I don't have much vibrato :p Other than that, I'll say my voice is unique and I'm happy to have such a voice :)

Any message to our readers? (you can also include here the links where your fans can catch you - facebook, twitter, etc)-Hi reader! Thank you for reading this and I had fun answering the questions. You can contact me in @vivianyyu at twitters and instagram ^^


Headphones AND HD please!! (:
Skip to 1:22 for my cover :D

         I heard Mama Do the first time when Megan Lee sang it and I think the song's superb catchy, I decided to do it and found out TTS did it, so I basically placed my vocals only w/out instrumental instead since it's really short and I'm L A Z Y to mix them xD
        THANK YOU TO KELSEY LOADSSS for making this adorable video for me :3
           I forgot to add in that I would be really busy for tests, and all those stuff that I want to kill T__T So yeah, I'm on SEMI-HIATUS!
            The cover was rushed actually~ I tried my best but it was yeah.. it was just yeah LOL
My friends laughed at me today D: I stalked the handsome teacher in school again and they were like 'OMG he's here *nudge nudge*' or 'Vivian~ Your favourite teacher~' or something around that corner LOL it's freaking embarrassing! I found out his form class, what classes he thought, and his wife! (LOLOLOL) okay guys, I don't like him, it's just rare to see a handsome teacher in my school. Period.
Muacks! I love you guys lots and lots. 

                     Thanks for the support and love from all of you out there~
I only own my voice~~
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