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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finding a Perfume Pick-me-up

Guest post written by Michaela Lewis

There's just nothing to make me feel a little bit better or happier than dabbing on some sweet smelling perfume. Sometimes I even put perfume on before I go to bed because it's just a nice little addition ot end the night with. I dare say that I even sleep better when I put on perfume before I go to bed at night. But I want to try and pick out a new type of perfume. Every few months I get restless and decide to buy a perfume so now I'm shopping for it.

I've been using my wireless internet to shop around for certain perfumes and comparison pricing. I also got a few suggestions from beauty blogs on perfumes that fit my needs and personality.

When I was picking out a new perfume I narrowed it down to Chance by Chanel and Mark Jacobs Daisy before I went with the Chanel one. I just thought that it smelled so sweet, but not really in a floral way. It smelled like it could be a little mysterious, which was what I was after.


  1. I can't afford those kind of perfume brands...I'll settle with guess or CK...:)