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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunny Sunday : Playtime for Sunny

Today, Sunny played on the couch, hopped around like a little bunny. Sunny played with his favorite duck toy. We laid his toy on the couch and squeezed it to make a squeaky sound and Sunny will start chasing it. He climbed up when we put his toy up on the top of the cushion, and when we put his toy back down and he will climb back down or fly back down and jump around like a bunny again. Guess he enjoyed the chase and tag of his toy back and forth.

After playing, Sunny flew back to his cage where his little mirror is and taps on it. Tapping the mirror is Sunny’s one way of saying that we need to put his toy back. When he got his toy back, he would start kissing and talking to him while looking into the mirror occasionally.


  1. how i wish to have a bird like yours.Sad to say it is not for my kids condition. They have skin asthma and asthma as well. So we stick only for a dog.But yours is so cute and loveable. may you continue to produce plenty of parrots in the future..

  2. How cute. Sunny is very smart. How are you na sis?