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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hiccup Day

It must have been a hiccup day for me today. I hiccup from the time I clock in to work. Unfortunately, there is no surefire to stop hiccups. So what I did was a home remedies that provide relief for my hiccups that last longer for few minutes.
I kept drinking water to stop it and sometimes would hold my breath. It worked but after like 4 hours, I am hiccupping again, oh em gee!!! It is difficult for me because I am dealing with customers. I just have to laugh and make a little sense of humor from it. So, I did the same thing, hold my breath, and drink water. Thank God, it worked.

I thought I will not have the hiccup anymore but then again before closing, hiccup did it again. Waaaahhh…..I ran to get my water but all I have is two tablespoons left in my bottle so I slowly sipped the small amount of water, hold my breath and swallow the water. After that, I did my last technique. I hold my breath, put my fingers on my diaphragm, and press it hard then and try to release air. It just like trying to burp and thanks goodness it works.

1 comment:

  1. haha.. cute drawings... they say if someone scares the hell out of you, the hiccups will disappear..hehe..