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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tabidatsu Kimi E - My Brother's First Collaboration Project

Guest Post: Yume no Kitsune

I got so excited when a very talented singer actually considered to record a collaboration cover with me via YouTube, since I'm only new to this business of covering songs, and admittedly not the talented one. Yes, I do have some recorded covers in my YouTube channel, but those are all demo covers. My intention was for real singers to actually remake them.

So when this girl, TheShinminhyun , invited me to sing a duet with her, I was very hesitant because she's really good (and promise, this is not an overstatement), and I don't feel talented enough to sing with her; When I listened to her cover of Utada Hikaru's First Love, I was so impressed because she sang it with such emotion that I was at point of tears. This was the start of our collaboration [and hopefully, she would also consider me as one of her friends : )].

The song we worked on is RSP's Tabidatsu Kimi E, which was very memorable to me because I was in the hospital due to a minor surgery when I first heard it - that was on 02Dec2011. From then on, I fell in love with the song and even planned to make a sing-along English version but wasn't able to come up with one yet. 

But now, about a year later, I got to sing this song and this time, with a very talented girl from Indonesia. Her real name is Shintia, and she went through a lot of troubles while working on this project, so it took a while before she was finally able to finish producing the track.

Finally, on 09Dec2012, she messaged me with the link of our collab in MP3 format, and I was in awe when I heard her voice because she sounded almost like the real singer (even my niece, Molly Mae, said the same upon hearing her voice). Immediately, I worked on producing the first version of the video, because the official one will show us singing the song. The video quality here is a little off when I converted the format to WMV, but I'll see to it that our official video will be way much better (I'll do my best to produce an HD video of us).

For the meantime, here's my first collab project. "Hope you all like it.


  1. wow.. thank you for guesting me here.. im so touched T_T