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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beverly Lewis’ The Redemption of Sarah Cain - Book Report - INTRODUCTION


  The author, Beverly Lewis was born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Her mother’s plain family heritage inspired her to write many of her popular stories in Amish country. One of her novels is “The Redemption of Sarah Cain” which is set in an unconventional and plain Amish community – Lancaster County, where the very few Amish lived.
            The story is all about a successful and very busy woman, Sarah, who found that her Amish sister passed away and left her the legal guardian of her five Amish children. The novel deals with real feelings and expectations encountered after the death of a loved one.
            The book is labeled Historical Fiction and Christian Fiction. There’s more of emphasis on the characters spiritual journey. This book makes the readers’ think about faith, culture and choices.
            The characters are as follows:
Sarah Cain – a former school teacher but for some reasons, she had to stop teaching and became a real state agent She clings to her career, in search of happiness and success, and by no choice she has to adopt her nieces and nephew.

Lydia Cottrel – Sarah’s niece and the eldest of five Amish orphans, made a promise to her dying mother to “keep the family together”. She stands up for her belief in the Amish Community. She is almost seventeen years old.

Caleb -             tall and blonde, had accepted the substitute headship of the house when their dad passed away three years ago.

Anna Mae – Eleven years old, redheaded and chubby a soft–spoke, sweet, shy sister who is fighting the world’s temptations.

Josiah       –          a stocky eight-year-old, who loves nature and exudes his love in specific scenes. Has come to realize and has deep understanding on what separation from the world means. He remains a faithful follower of God.

Han               Hanah – petite six year old, adorable, angelic sister who continues to help everyone and has an astonishing amount of child-like faith.

 * This is my daugthers'  book report in English 101
Molly Mae N. Martinez
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
Far East Asia Institute of Tourism Science and Technology

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