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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lucky Coin

I do not believe on lucky object but for some reason it is just happening to us. We recently went to 711 to buy scratch off lotto tickets and we have been using this Canadian Coin. Every time we use this coin, two to three tickets out of five would be a winning ticket. The first time we used this coin, the two tickets we won. We got 50bucks and 20bucks for each ticket. Therefore, not believing it was the lucky coin, we went back to 711 to buy another ticket. This time we bought three tickets. We scratch off one ticket and we won four bucks. We have two more tickets left. Then, we scratch off the next ticket and we won four more dollars. We were making a deal, whether we will win on the last ticket or not. Using the same coin again and giggling while scratching the ticket, thinking at the same time if we will get it three in a row but presto we won two bucks on our last ticket. Whew! We have been buying lotto tickets almost every week but we never win. Since we use this lucky coin, we started winning.

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