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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet Sunny

Hey folks, let me introduce to you Sunny, the spoiled male budgie. A spunky little parakeet, Sunny has been a part of the family for ten months now. Sunny's color is a mixture of light green and yellow lacewing. They say that English budgerigars are some of the most talkers in the parrot family. I agree to that. Sunny would always try to talk. As young as he is, with his parroty voice he would utter words like “yes, yes,” “pretty bird,” and “hello sunny”... Sunny was already five months in the house when I met him. I was a little scared when I had him on my fingers because he kept biting me, as if he was thinking my fingers were food...hahaha. However, he is extremely easy to tame, just one call of his name and he would fly toward to you and most of all he is easy to feed.

I will tell you more of Sunny on my next blog.


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  2. Sobra ka cute ni Sunny...Hope naa pod koy parrot nga parehas ni sunny...pero I am sure akong iro dili mosogot...hehehe