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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

6 Characteristics You Need to be a Successful Teacher

If you aspire to become a successful teacher, you must: have a sense of humor, possess an optimistic outlook, set a high standard, prove that you are a consistent teacher, treat all students fairly, and be flexible.

Generally, teachers who do well in their teaching career tend to have similar traits. In order for you to succeed and become a good educator, you must have the right materials and sufficient training. in addition, a competent teacher should possess certain positive characteristics. These are to be learned, developed and mastered. They are precious qualities, which you cannot buy from a teacher supply store. All of these traits are within you, just waiting to be unlocked and honed. Let us find out if you have what it takes to become the successful teacher you know you can be.

Have a sense of humor

Having a good sense of humor will give you an edge. Your sense of humor can reduce any tension within the classroom, and it will create a pleasant atmosphere for learning. Students will continue to be attentive in class and will look forward to being in school. This will not only give a positive effect to your students but to yourself as well. It will be easier for you to tackle a stressful teaching life because of the happy disposition brought about by your good sense of humor.

Have an optimistic outlook

Having an optimistic outlook is a plus for you. Your profession may bring about problems and difficulties along the way. Nevertheless, you will surely be able to deal with them triumphantly because you are equipped with the right attribute: a positive attitude.

Set a high standard

High standards and expectations will boost the achievement capacity level of your students. When you increase the yardstick of your expectations, your students will give more of their efforts, too. This will give them the right attitude towards their studies and will give them the confidence they need, too. Just make sure you do not make you expectations and standards unattainable.

Prove that you are a consistent teacher

To be able to establish a good classroom environment that will aid students in learning, you must be able to deliver a clear and sound set of rules. Let your students know what they can expect from you every time you meet for class.

Treat all students fairly

It is so easy for students to notice it when a teacher is being unfair. Treating students unfairly is not an option. It is required and expected that you treat every student fairly at all times.

Be flexible

One of the principles of teaching is to be able to adjust to continuous change. Distractions and disturbances are likely to occur in between normal days. Thus, a flexible teacher will remain calm and in control when these things happen. He will even continue to have zest for the rest of the day.

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