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Monday, August 16, 2010


Tuesday, 20th of July, my friends and I were invited to watch the Motor City Casino Talent Showcase. The show was a fund raising activity, which highlighted the talent of MCC employees. Whew! MCC employees got a Talent. The eleven contestants showed their singing prowess on stage. I can still recall a response from one of the contestants when the host asked him why he joined the contest. He smiled and simply said “cuz I’ve got a little talent”;)...he's right, as I was there and witnessed the show, indeed,these employees got talents. They are excellent performers. After watching the talent showcase, we went to the casino game floor to watch the live band and had some drinks. This night out will not be completed if we do not have pictures at all. Since we could not take pictures at the casino game floor, we took the opportunity of taking pictures in the Take note "restroom.” So, women coming in and out of that restroom might be thinking we are crazy picture addicts. Before leaving the casino, we played on a penny machine. We enjoyed that one very much. My friend bet a dollar on the machine and she won five bucks, hahahaha. So, before she loses those five bucks we decided to leave the place.Before heading home, we stopped by at Big Boy Restaurant to have our dinner.

Thanks Rock for the tickets, rides and foods;)

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  1. Hello Dais.I am happy to know that you had fun with your buddies. It is really nice to be with our friends once in a while. Enjoy your day my friend and thanks for dropping by.