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Thursday, August 26, 2010

FTF:Grilled Spare Ribs

Summer is about to end.So we are taking the opportunity of grilling almost twice a week. One of the favorite grilled delights is the Pork Spare Ribs. Yup, Ribs which is all barbecue, cooking outdoor and grilling. This tender, juicy and succulent grilled spare ribs is best serve with baked potato. I will have my recipe in my other blog : Kusina-Ko.


  1. Last New Year's eve, we had grilled spare ribs and I realy enjoyed it. Made my mouth water just seeing your photo, especially with the potatoes. Yummy! :)

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  2. ohhhh, i am imagining juicy, tasty freshly grilled spare ribs! gotta get some food!

  3. yum, lalo na pag grilled :-); patikim nga po :-)

  4. I love grilled pork sis. Yumm...yummmm....