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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My EmPk's Debut Album;)

‘Just want to share here one of my kids' home recordings ( proud mama;) ). The soloist was my daughter while her back-up singer was my son. They just love singing and they are knowledgeable in playing musical instruments. Based from her cover you might think she will be playing guitar while singing but she did not do it on this one, most probably next time.

Day after day
Time pass away
And I just can´t get you off my mind
Nobody knows ... I hide it inside
I keep on searching but I can´t find
The courage to show ...
To letting you know ...
I´ve never felt so much love before
And once again I´m thinking about
Taking the easy way out ...

But if I let you go
I will never know
What my life would be
Holding you close to me
Will I ever see
You smiling back at me
How will I know?
If I let you go ...

Night after night
I hear myself sayin´
Why can´t this feeling just fade away?
There´s no one like you ...
You speak to my heart...
It´s such a shame we´re worlds apart ...
I´m too shuy to ask ...
I´m too proud to lose
But sooner or later I gotta choose
And once again I´m thinking aboutTaking the easy way out ...


Once again I´m thinking about ....
Taking the easy way out ....


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