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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Six Helpful Hints to Master Your Own Time

Master the use of your time by employing these useful hints: have different types of to-do-lists, split every large assignment into various small tasks, comply with your list of priorities, set a deadline, learn to be flexible, and be able to maximize your time.
Time management is essential in every student’s life. Whether you are in college or even in graduate school, you must be able to manage your schedule and make the best out of every minute. You are the boss of your time, and you need to use it well. Here are some ways to master the use of time so you can have a fruitful life.
Different types of to-do-lists
It is wise to have several types of to-do-lists. You group tasks that belong to the same category. You can have home to-do-lists compromised of grocery list, household chores, and bill payments. Another list would be for your social life that includes any activities relating to your friends and family. A very important list would be for your school life and should consist of everything about school tasks, assignments, and deadlines.
Split every large assignment into various small tasks
Every large assignment should be broken down into various small tasks. This is to ensure that the large task is accomplished. Small tasks are clearer and are more specific.
Comply with your list of priorities
Making a list of your priorities will guide you properly. Although, you don’t have to finish all of them right away. The good thing about setting your priorities is that you can easily say ‘no’ to requests from friends because you know that you still have much to do ahead. Prioritizing will make it easy for you to decide whether to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ based on the availability of your time.
Set a deadline
Setting a reasonable deadline for each academic task is vital for properly managing your time. With a calendar at hand, you need to determine how long it will take you to finish one specific step that will lead to the completion of a larger task. Make sure you are able to come up with a sensible and achievable time frame.
Learn to be flexible
Flexibility is one thing you must also master. There might be unexpected disruptions with your planned activities. This does not mean you should give in to irritability because of these interruptions. Simply go with the flow and allow yourself to deal with the present condition. Moreover, plan your activities according to your peaks and lows. If you are a nocturnal individual, then it is best to schedule more of your tasks at nighttime when you are more enthusiastic and alert.
Maximize your time
While you are commuting or while waiting in a line, you can study your reading assignments. Perhaps, you can make use of this time to jot down important notes in your planner.

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