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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Time flies so fast. This date was the first day I set my foot in the U.S. of A. I can still remember the feelings of excitement I had that day. My port of entry was in Los Angeles. Me along with the two Filipina teachers rode a cab going to the hotel that we were about to stay in overnight. The next day, Monday, we went to the Social Security Office to apply for our SS number but to our surprise, the office is closed. Why? We did not know that it was Columbus Day. It is one of the country’s national holidays. At the middle of the day, we had to leave L.A. California and flew to our assigned destiny-àLouisiana. We reached Baton Rouge Airport almost late at night. Our principal and his mom were there to meet us at the airport. Ms. Dolly, our principal’s mom drove us to our dwelling place, which she owned. We cannot forget that night. The fridge is full of foods, wow; Ms. Dolly might have been thinking we were starving, lol. The first night we stayed had some funny stories to tell. We just had our dinner and while getting ready for bed we thought that the earth was shaking. We were so afraid because “Katrina” and “Gustav” was still fresh in our minds that time. Yet thank God, it was a false alarm. The place we stayed in was a mobile house and just a half-mile away from the railroad. It was a train that passed by in its nightly hour. The next day and the rest of the days were another full-mixed emotion and more stories to tell.

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