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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another First

Howdy fellas, guess what gift I received this month. A good and caring friend of mine bought me an FG700s Yamaha Guitar from an online guitar store. Actually, I still have my old one which we bought at Gibraltar for 20$ only. Are you thinking if I am good in playing the guitar? Nah…honestly, I do not play well. I just love picking up a guitar and play few songs that I love to sing on my own beat. I just really love playing the guitar and having fun while doing it. It gives me the feeling of being outside of the world. It is so peaceful and relaxing while expressing myself by strumming and singing.

Looking Back…

I was in sixth grade when I started to get interested in learning how to play the guitar. From then on, I have been always amazed to those who were good in playing guitar. I grew up seeing my cousins and his friends jamming every night in the front yard and at the front porch, what we call “hagdan na bato.” My cousin “Kuya Boyet” serves as my inspiration in playing guitar. Aside from being super good in this music, he is a good painter as well. So, like my cousin’s buddies pastime, my friends and I did the same thing. Chie, one of my friends, is blessed with this talent. She would be our guitarist whenever we were jamming. “A Horse with No Name”, “Hard Day’s Night”, “and Teach Your Children” were our top three songs that time. Most of all, I could not forget the Christmas carol nights that we had. We received 5peso to 10peso from each house. We were so happy because we were earning more money as the nights went on. Then on Christmas Eve, we would count how much money we earned and we would divide the total amount to each one of us.


I am still trying. I have always loved playing guitar although guitar does not like me much, lol. I cannot even learn finger styling. During my free time, I would watch free lessons online and I even subscribed so I can learn more. Yet, one thing I am sure of now. With my first Yamaha guitar, I will enjoy more while playing, strumming, and singing my favorite gospel songs, worship songs, love songs, and country songs.

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