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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Love to Hear You Laugh (repost)

Once again, here in my classroom, the noise of the boys in the first and second row triggered my head to burst. How many times have I called their attention since they still have seatworks to do. But I just could not imagine how could they do such things: doing seatwork at the same time bullying.Unfortunately, when its time for me to check their work,much to my dismay they have not yet written more than a single letter of the alphabet.
"What attitude do you, boys, have?" I uttered irritatingly. I was losing my patience and eventually decided to give what they deserved-remain standing for the next 30minutes and one week cleaners. I was in the middle of my tirade when my message alert tone caught my attention. Still with irritable feeling, I held out my cp and began to read a message from 777
I LOVE TO HEAR YOU LAUGH - GOD....Whew! what a real shame, I guess God had really seen me in my cannot-be painted-tiger-like facial expression. I sat down, took a deep breath..inhale...exhale...breathe in...breathe out...I prayed. I asked forgiveness I ended my prayer by giving Him thanks for He never fails in keeping in touch with His people . He always connect even in cellphone.

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