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Monday, October 18, 2010

From My Own Nail Salon

Ok, folks, let us have some girlalu talk this time. Most women are crazy on manicure and pedicure. Even in the times of earliest civilization, women used various forms of colors or dyes to decorate their nails. In the last couple of years, a new method of decorating the nails comes into being. Wonderful creativities are coming out in varieties of nail décor, which is known as Nail Arts. As we see, there are different nail arts available at any beauty supply store or any mall.

When I was in the Philippines, I am hiring somebody to have my nail done, although it was just a plain manicure and pedicure. Yet sometimes I had one manicurist who has a little talent in art so she would put designs whenever she had to do my nails. I really loved it whenever she would use a glittering heart or star shapes for design. Now, I am in the USA and everything is expensive, especially if you still have that hangover of comparing the price from dollar to peso… ;) I cannot spend money every two weeks to pay a nail technician or artist to paint nail designs of my choice. More so, I do not have the nice finger shape, mine is short and crooked. Having all the nail arts and readymade nails with stunningly different designs I thought of pampering my own nails and let out a little artist in me. I just cannot have my fingernails longer because it would be hard for me to play the guitar, hahahaha. Well, for these past two months, I already made three dots designs and gave name to each one of them.

Blue Flower in Pink

Arrow Dots
Leafy Dots

So, how about you, what designs have you been making for your nails?

Have a happy Tuesday;)

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