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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunny Sunday: Teaching a Parrot to Talk

“ohhhh…I love me,” Sunny must have been saying that phrase every time he is in front of his favorite mirror. He would say in a parroty voice “a kiss...a kiss...pretty bird” and he would stay in front of the mirror all day. Guess he is so happy seeing his own reflection and even thankful that he is not the only bird in the house. There were times that we would just have to take the mirror so he will do other activities like playing or so we can get his attention.
Are you wondering how did Sunny learn those words? Well, every time we have to do something we say the word as well. It is saying the same word with the same activities. We call it learning by association. Just like for example, when we kiss him, we would say “a kiss… a kiss...” The same thing he does when he is front of the mirror, looking at his reflection he would kiss himself and utter the word. The more he watches us, the more he acts like us. When people in the house get loud, he gets loud as well especially when he wants something or when he is unhappy.
Therefore, the next time you feed or bath your budgie, clean a cage, walk in or out of the room, consistently associate your activity with a phrase. It is the best way to get your parrot communicates with you.
Have a nice Sunday;)


  1. Sis, this is a good way to train animals.. love birds man lang meron kami.. hehehe.. salamat pala sa pasyal..

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  2. How nice, I thought it was hard to teach a bird to talk. :)